Make it


When did you join Strands: 

2015 as an apprentice 


What are your STRANDS Highlights so far: 

Completing my Level 3 and our awards do 


What are your dreams and goals: 

To build my clientele to become a well established stylist 


What do you love about your Job: 

I love every one I work with and coming into work making people feel fabulous. 


In 3 words describe your personal style: 

2 words will do Casual, smart, 


Who are your favourite Instagram follows: 

Heather Chapman hair. Mounir 


Top Holiday destinations: 

Disney world Florida 



Your Play list: 

Bruno Mars, Micheal Jackson, 90’s Pop, Luther Vandross 


Favourite movie: 

Beauty And The Beast 



What colour best describes you and why: 

RED because its bright and fun 



Fav Book: 

50 shades 



What is your fav food: 




What can’t you live without: 

My family 



What do you love to do in your own time: 

Spend time with my friends and family, play with my nieces and nephews 



Whats your tipple? 

Cosmopolitan I make a great cocktail