Make it


When did you join STRANDS: 

I joined as an apprentice in 2011 


What are your STRANDS highlights so far: 

Winning Awards 


What are your dreams, goals and ambitions: 

To be the best hairdresser I can and keep winning awards 


What do you love about your job: 

I love the people I work with and making my clients happy 


In 3 words describe your personal style: 

casual, fashionable, undone 


Who are your favourite follows on Instagram: 

Emma connolly, Jenna Frumes, Jess Woodley, James Corden 


Top holiday destinations: 

Ibiza, Greece 

Your playlist: 

Oasis, 80’s music, old school RnB 



What colour best describes you and why: 

Yellow because its bright and happy 


What is your Fav food: 



What cant you live without: 



What do you love to do in your own time: 

Shopping, socialising, Gym, I love a party ! 


What is your fav drink: 


White wine